MIL Changed My Baby’s Name While I Was In The ER After Giving Birth, I Did Not Let It Slide

When Emilia’s daughter, Ruby, is three weeks old, she and her husband decide to introduce her to the family with a party. But when Ruth, Emilia’s mother-in-law, shows up uninvited—the couple just wants her out, revealing how she took advantage of the couple when the baby was born by legally changing the baby’s name without consent.It was the morning of our daughter’s arrival party—which is something that Jake and I had been planning during the last few months of our pregnancy.”You’ve been put on bed rest, Emilia,” Jake said. 

“We’re going to take that seriously and stay safe at home. When our daughter is born, we can have a little arrival party to make up for it.” Then, my husband told our family and friends that we needed space in the weeks leading up to our daughter’s birth.”They’re not going to be happy,” I said, as I rubbed my stomach, our daughter kicking away inside. “I know,” he said. “My mother especially, but it’s about respect, Em.” So, now that our daughter was three weeks old and thriving, Jake and I wanted to show her off to our closest family members and friends—all the people who had showered us with gifts at the hospital.

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