I bet you I can make that horse laugh...

I bet you I can make that horse laugh...


A man walks up to an old cowboy near the corral and says ,”You see that horse over there? I bet you $50 I can make it laugh.” The old cowboy says “Bullshit! I’ll take that bet.”

The man walks over to the horse and whispers in its ear. The horse proceeds to laugh uncontrollably. As the man walks back to the cowboy. The cowboy is stunned in disbelief.

The man then says to the cowboy, “Double or nothing I can make him cry.” The cowboy likes his odds and agrees to take the bet.

The man walks to the horse with his back turned to the cowboy. The horse proceeds to cry and then runs off.

The cowboy gets his money out to pay up and can’t help but ask, “What the hell did you do to my horse?”

The man says, “Well, to make him laugh, I told him that my dick was bigger than his. Then, in order to make him cry, I showed him.”

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