Husband Pokes Fun at Wife’s Wrinkles and Gray Hair until He Sees Her on TV — Story of the Day

A husband who mocked his old wife's wrinkled skin and gray hair froze in shock when he saw her on TV with a famous Hollywood star.

"I'm removing the dresser from our bedroom," Peter Gill joked one night before going to bed. "You are now too old to wear makeup. Which concealer on earth will hide your wrinkles? Hahaha!"

Brooke Gill, 59, was used to hearing such taunts from her husband. When they fell in love decades ago in college, Peter was flattered by Brooke's beauty. But at present, he endlessly picked on her for her time-worn appearance.

One day, the heartbroken old woman appeared on TV with a famous star and taught her husband that beauty is only skin deep...

Peter often poked fun at Brooke over her wrinkled appearance & gray hair. | Source: Pexels

Brooke was the woman of many men's dreams during her times. She fell in love with only one man, Peter, her now-husband. The couple lived happily for decades and had five children who were all settled abroad.

"Are you dating someone? You're wearing too much makeup nowadays... But who on earth would be blind to date an old woman like you? Hahahahaha...."

Although Peter retired too early, Brooke decided to continue working. She was managing a real estate company and kept herself occupied with work while aging gracefully.

She cried herself to sleep each day whenever Peter taunted her looks. One night, he laughed at her, saying, "I was wondering how you'll look in a baby doll...with your gray hair and wrinkly saggy skin...hahaha!"

Peter was 61, and to him, age was just a number for men. "Women are meant to be beautiful, not us men," he often mocked poor Brooke.

Brooke often wept silently whenever Peter taunted her. | Source: Pexels

Peter's taunts saw no end. Daily, he came up with something or the other involving his wife's appearance. Brooke was crushed when he practically had their dresser removed from their bedroom one day. 

"But I need it to get ready for work!" she cried. Peter smirked at her, which only fueled his jokes about how old she looked.

"Who is gonna look at you, darling? Just look at you...You need no mirror to touch up that saggy face! Hahaha!"

Brooke was hurt. On her way to her office that day, she visited Lily, a close friend who was a psychologist, and revealed her sorrow.

"He always says things about my appearance," Brooke sobbed. "I am crushed and scared it would affect our marriage."

One day, Brooke met Lily, a close friend who was a psychologist. | Source: Pexels

One day, Brooke met Lily, a close friend who was a psychologist. | Source: Pexels

After listening to Brooke, Lily comforted her. And then she showed her a magazine.

"Look, these women are much older than you...Why don't you contact this modeling agency and try your luck?!"

Brooke was shocked looking at the catalog. Photos of several older women made her rethink her age. "Are they seriously older than me? They look much younger!" she exclaimed.

But deep inside, Brooke doubted her luck with modeling. She looked at the small mirror in her purse and smirked. "I can't do this...I am too old...I just can't."

That's when Lily motivated her. "When you have the desire to do something, forget age...It's just a number!"

Lily's encouraging words echoed in Brooke's ears. After deep thought, she said to herself, "WHY NOT???"

She secretly drove to the modeling agency and met the chief agent.

After deep thought, Brooke decided to give modeling a try. | Source: Pexels

After deep thought, Brooke decided to give modeling a try. | Source: Pexels

"Interesting! You look gorgeous, trust me," the woman said. "We are here to let the world know that beauty is not age-restricted...WELCOME to your new world of fashion, Mrs. Gill!"

The agent's words breathed confidence in Brooke. She was delighted and launched her secret modeling career that day. Every day after work, she left for the agency and modeled for different photoshoots. Soon, she became one of the top models posing for several reputed fashion labels and cosmetics.

As she started coming home later than usual, Peter became suspicious seeing her glowy skin and adorable hairdos. One evening, she returned home smelling good. She looked confident in her skin and was all smiles. It irked Peter.

"Are you dating someone?" he sheepishly asked her.

Brooke froze in shock. "What did you just say?" she retorted.

"Haha...I was just wondering... You're wearing too much makeup nowadays," Peter said. "But who on earth would be blind to date an old woman like you? Hahahahaha...."

Peter suspected Brooke of infidelity after seeing her glammed up every day. | Source: Pexels

Peter suspected Brooke of infidelity after seeing her glammed up every day. | Source: Pexels

Peter's words shattered Brooke. She skipped dinner and cried herself to sleep that night.

The following morning, Peter saw her side of the bed empty. "Where did she go without even cooking me breakfast?"

He looked around for Brooke, but she was not there. Peter had a day off that day. He tried calling his wife, but she never answered his calls.

Peter was furious. "Wait until you get back, you silly old woman."

After cooking himself breakfast, Peter turned on the TV, and while switching channels, he froze dead at a fashion channel.

It featured several older women surrounding a famous Hollywood celebrity who was the show's guest. And next to him was Brooke!


"So, ladies! What motivated you to start modeling? Mrs. Gill, you're up next!" the host said.

Peter gaped in awe as Brooke took the mike. "My husband made me do it," she said. "He believes beauty is only about a woman with soft velvety skin and gorgeous hair."

The camera zoomed, capturing Brooke's teary eyes. "Does love fade away just because we turn old? Why are people obsessed with beauty that is only skin deep?" she cried.

"To men who think women belong in the kitchen, NO, WE DON'T!" Brooke added. "And to those husbands who feel your wife's wrinkles and gray hair are a shame, LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND THEN TALK!"

Brooke's interview dropped a bomb on Peter's heart. "What have I done? How could I have been so rude to my beloved wife?" he cried.

He decided to apologize to Brooke and planned a surprise for her later that evening.

When Brooke returned home, she found the house completely dark. "Peter? Are you home?" she called out. But there was no response.

Just then, the lights turned on, followed by a burst of streamers. "I am so proud of you, honey," Peter said. "I am sorry."

Brooke was touched. Then Peter took her to their bedroom and unveiled the surprise.

"Oh my God! It's unbelievable!" Brooke shouted joyfully after seeing a new dresser adorned with branded cosmetics.

"I AM SORRY, HONEY!" Peter said, kissing Brooke on her forehead.

From that day on, he stopped poking fun at his wife's age and was genuinely proud of her.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Watch your words. Sometimes, they may hurt and destroy relationships. Peter often mocked Brooke because of her wrinkles and gray hair, not knowing he was crushing her spirit. 
  • Think before you mock someone. It might return to you one day. When Peter mocked Brooke over her appearance, he never knew she would become a famous model who would expose his taunts on television.

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